Glenda Lissette – Surreal Aesthetic

Glenda Lissette - art

Glenda Lissette never leaves her house without her camera. She is a 19-year-old conceptual portrait photographer residing in Chicago. She loves creating worlds of her own through her photographs or capturing the beauty that exists everywhere that we tend to miss. Glenda takes a lot of self-portraits. Each piece she makes tells something about her day, representing either a feeling, thought, or event relevant enough to inspire emotion. Her photographs usually bear a surreal aesthetic that are often times staged. Some pieces tell stories of fictional characters, many of whom are dramatic personifications of day to day events and emotions. Lately, she has been getting into fashion photography. She says that she never used to understand fashion until she realized the huge role that clothes played in her pictures. She realized that clothing really makes a character. Sometimes she sees a dress and immediately a story pops into her head. Glenda’s photographs are truly attractive with different stories behind each character.

Glenda Lissette - artsy Glenda Lissette - fish Glenda Lissette - pencil dress Glenda Lissette - pink flowers Glenda Lissette - royal belle Glenda Lissette - stuck in a dream Glenda Lissette - winter self

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