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Harald Haraldsson - a prisma 1666 video

Harald Haraldsson is a visual artist and an award-winning director from Iceland. He holds a master’s degree in engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology. For the past ten years he has lived and worked in Shanghai, Tokyo and London. Currently Harald is based in Reykjavik, Iceland. While applying interactive techniques to different mediums, he creates beautiful work which frequently references geometry, urban structures, and electronic sounds. The use of technology, special effects, and music in films like Clockwork Orange, Se7en, and Terminator 2, led him to study engineering and create visual experiences with technology. PRISMA 1666 is an installation named after and inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s famous experiments in 1666 on the refraction of light through crystals. The interactive light installation consists of fifteen triangular crystal blocks by which the projection of colourful graphics is transformed exquisitely.


Harald Haraldsson - beautiful prism Harald Haraldsson - prism crystal Harald Haraldsson - prism Harald Haraldsson - viewersHarald Haraldsson - blue prisma

Harald Haraldsson - prisma lines Harald Haraldsson - prisma


Harald Haraldsson - amp closeup Harald Haraldsson - amp lighting Harald Haraldsson - amp video


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