Lee Jeong-lok: Transcendent World

Lee Jeong-lok - a stone landscape

Lee Jeong-lok is an artist and photographer born in 1971 in Gwanju, Korea. Lee graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Gwangju University and a master’s degree in Photo Design from Hongik University. He also has a master’s degree in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. While admiring the beauty of nature, he captures lush green forests, bamboo groves, glowing trees, and foggy lakeside sceneries.  The artist considers himself a religious person and always tries to fill his photographs with a deep sense of spirituality. The imagery depicts emotions and transcendental imaginations of human mind. “Every myth talks about another world that we believe co-exists with the real world we live in. The other world has a powerful presence that we cannot see. The faith in this presence is basically the theme of these series,” he says.

Lee Jeong-lok - blue desert Lee Jeong-lok - forest of spirits Lee Jeong-lok - lake Lee Jeong-lok - lighting tree Lee Jeong-lok - lights Lee Jeong-lok - mythic landscape Lee Jeong-lok - red landscape Lee Jeong-lok - tree of life


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