Holly Wilmeth – Divine Nature

Holly Wilmeth - an elk

Holly Wilmeth is a freelance artist born and raised in Guatemala. She holds a degree in Political Science and Languages and speaks fluent English, Spanish, and German. Her passion for ethnic cultures and hiking has taken her around the world. Holly has traveled to over 50 countries as an avid hiker and cultural observer. So she does everything to document the culture and people’s relation to agriculture, focusing on in depth stories relating culture, diversity and people and their environment. The project, titled Divine Nature, is a series of images that represents the crossroads where woman meets the divine spirit of nature in the form of animals, and where she embraces it. Animals have their own meanings and special qualities. For example, snakes symbolize transformation; deer represent love to ourselves and to others; and the turtle symbolizes mother earth as well as being well-centered and well-grounded in life. That’s a few reasons why you should take a deep look at Holly’s photographs.

Holly Wilmeth - deer Holly Wilmeth - ducks Holly Wilmeth - fish Holly Wilmeth - iguana Holly Wilmeth - snake Holly Wilmeth - turtle


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