Steven Spazuk – Drawing with Fire and Soot

Steven Spazuk - a bird painting

Steven Spazuk is a French-Canadian artist who has discovered soot painting in a lucid dream. In his dream he was in a gallery, looking at a black and white landscape and somehow he knew it was painted with fire and completely understood the technique. When he woke up, he started to experiment. And that is when it all began.  Since then he has been using a unique technique that allows him to use the flame of a candle or the flame of torch as a pencil to create his paintings with trails of soot. Using various tools, Steven intuitively sculpts the plumes of soot left behind in response to the shapes that appear on the canvas. Today his works have evolved beyond the realms of imagination. When he works on a wall-size fragmentation portrait, it becomes a long and tedious process. These are all sections of little paintings that have been worked on. Yet each piece is a spontaneous drawing in itself and once juxtaposed to each other they become one whole portrait.

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