Jan Kriwol – Amusing Moments

Jan Kriwol - a light shadow

Jan Kriwol is a young photographer born in Warsaw, Poland. He has been photographing since 2006. His works are strongly influenced by his “street, urban, skate” experience with a touch of playfulness, visual jokes, optical illusions, and an extraordinary technique. Jan has managed to create a unique universe where everything is possible. He has already caused quite a stir with his photos and their dreamy, surreal touch. Kriwol admits that he finds his inspiration in everyday life, traveling, movies and comics.  Humor is a key factor in his imagery; a humor that makes the most common situations intriguing and rousing.

Jan Kriwol - billiard Jan Kriwol - damageJan Kriwol - pocket Jan Kriwol - golf Jan Kriwol - inversed Jan Kriwol - street Jan Kriwol - tornkriwol.com

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