Theron Humphrey travels with Maddie the Coonhound

Theron Humphrey - a dog Maddie

American photographer Theron Humphrey decided to leave his monotonous everyday life behind and go on a yearlong road trip across all 50 states in the hope of photographing a project he was passionate about. Just before his trip he adopted Maddie a friendly coonhound from an animal shelter. Soon she became his four-footed travel companion. Theron discovered Maddie’s strange talent to balance on things with remarkable grace and patience. The most important things behind these amazing pictures are those little everyday moments that actually make up a life. Miles away from stressful job and materialistic ideals, Maddie helped Humphrey find himself, offering him a great adventure story to tell his kids one day.


Theron Humphrey - Maddie's nose

Theron Humphrey - Maddie with carrot Theron Humphrey - Maddie with antlers Theron Humphrey - Maddie on the sofa Theron Humphrey - Maddie on stairs Theron Humphrey - Maddie on lighting Theron Humphrey - Maddie on human feet Theron Humphrey - Maddie in hole Theron Humphrey - Maddie in bag Theron Humphrey - Maddie ghost Theron Humphrey - coffee with

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