Jantina Peperkamp – Realistic Portraits

Jantina Peperkamp - a portrait

Jantina Peperkamp is a self-taught artist from Holland. She paints incredible and realistic portraits. In her work the final result is established by the dynamic connection between the artist and her model. The artist’s main function is to observe and identify the future product of her imagination. Jantina considers all her paintings as self-portraits; she recognizes herself in her models. The working process is long and detailed. Firstly, she takes a photograph and makes a sketch. She puts the sketch on a wooden panel and begins to paint with many thin layers of acrylics. It gives an effect of realistic portrait. “It strikes me that there is always a certain loneliness and desolation in my paintings. I don’t make it deliberately, it just happens and I recognize it,” she says.

Jantina Peperkamp - a portrait of Flore Jantina Peperkamp - angry Jantina Peperkamp - bed Jantina Peperkamp - Chloe Jantina Peperkamp - flora Jantina Peperkamp - GayaJantina Peperkamp - makeupJantina Peperkamp - fun Jantina Peperkamp - white portrait


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