Leah Artwick – Why is the Rabbit in the Moon

Leah Artwick - a bubble fish

Leah Artwick is an undergraduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design. She works in different creative fields: character design, illustration, and animation. Leah creates dramatic and exciting characters, each with its own personalities and visual sides. The world she creates is always beautiful and ethereal full of eerie creatures. Here is one of Leah’s hand drawn animations – “The Rabbit in the Moon.” It is based on the legend of the Moon rabbit. The story exists in many cultures, particularly in Aztec mythology and East Asian folklore. A fox, a rabbit, and a monkey who decide to practice good deeds, come across a traveller in the woods. They search for food in order to help him: the fox offers fish, the monkey offers him some berries, and the rabbit, only knowing how to offer grass, offers himself. The traveller, touched by the rabbit’s sacrifice, places it in the moon for all to see.


Leah Artwick - a tale Leah Artwick - character design Leah Artwick - fire Leah Artwick - Halloween Leah Artwick - mermaid Leah Artwick - Scratchboard Leah Artwick - woman


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