Patipat Asavasena – Elements of Japanese Art

Patipat Asavasena - a blow of diva

Patipat Asavasena is a freelance artist and illustrator born in 1984 in Thailand. He studied Mechanical Engineering but decided to shift his career goal toward art industry. He has been greatly inspired by Japanese anime and manga since his childhood. Patipat worked as a concept artist at VIRUS Studio which was his first experience in the professional art industry. He worked on various game projects and developed his artistic skills in digital art. His beautiful characters differ from each other. They are dramatic, subtle, and mysterious with fascinating visual sides. They exist in a dreamy and bizarre world full of mermaids, butterflies, giant robots, and other  exciting creatures.

Patipat Asavasena - alleycat Patipat Asavasena - black kady Patipat Asavasena - butterfly Patipat Asavasena - coffee maker Patipat Asavasena - hero Patipat Asavasena - portrait Patipat Asavasena - sakura Patipat Asavasena - the city Patipat Asavasena - the illusionist

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