Joel Cooper – Tessellated Origami Masks

Joel Cooper - a mask

These complex works of paper manipulation are the origami masterpieces of American artist Joel Cooper. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Joel has worked in many artistic media, including charcoal, oils, ceramics and cast metal, but it is in folded paper that he has found his most personal form of expression. His specific style is called “origami tessellation.” This is a technique of geometric folding that repeats patterns of creases throughout a single sheet of paper to create visually appealing abstract designs. So each piece is designed without the use of cuts or glue. The masks themselves portray distinct personalities. Cooper photographs his work outdoors with only natural elements as his backdrop; it is not hard to imagine these as old monuments left from a vanished civilization waiting to be discovered.

Joel Cooper - mask design Joel Cooper - mask paper Joel Cooper - mask Joel Cooper - origami mask Joel Cooper - paaper art Joel Cooper - paper mask Joel Cooper - purple paper  mask Joel Cooper - single paper mask

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