Joel Robinson – Lost in Books

Joel Robinson Photography 1

Joel Robinson is a Canadian photographer. He captures peculiar, vintage-like stills that have been scrupulously manipulated exploring deeper and deeper into the art of manipulation. His images are usually quite surreal filled with dream like ethereal colour schemes. Joel has a definitive style, enlarged coffee cups and books, animated novel pages, libraries built in trees.

Joel Robinson’s photography is inspired by his love of literature. His creativity is endless when it comes to books. He documents the joy of reading in a thoughtful manner. These images have managed to capture the familiar sense of entering into the secret world while reading our favourite books. As surreal as the sometimes made-up worlds that exist only on the pages of books, his work pushes the boundaries of reality while flaring up people’s imaginations.

Joel Robinson Photography 2

Joel Robinson Photography 3

Joel Robinson Photography 4

Joel Robinson Photography 5

Joel Robinson Photography 6

Joel Robinson Photography 7

Joel Robinson Photography 8

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