Justin Hopkins – Drawings of Vivid Tunes

Justin Hopkins - daizoJustin Hopkins, also known as RareBit, is a visual artist and producer-sound designer based in Los Angeles. He created these drawings using a micron pen, so his work is full of fine details and pointillism style. Hopkins is a fine craftsman with a deft ear for textures and melody. He composes hyper electronic, beat-oriented music full of vivid and frenetic tunes. Justin is influenced by the organic, wet and florally lush environment in which he grew up.¬†Here is a video for “Mt. Weather” by RareBit,¬†shot and edited by Sean Ferris.

httpvh://vimeo.com/35723750 Justin Hopkins - depths Justin Hopkins - headache Justin Hopkins - pyramid Justin Hopkins - Sketch Justin Hopkins - tendrils


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