Mark Nystrom’s Poetic Worlds

Mark Nystrom - a symphony

Mark Nystrom is an artist and designer from the United States. His works include installations, drawings, projections and screen-based projects; basically, they explore visualizations of complex information. As an artist, Mark creates work to draw feelings. As a designer, he strives to communicate with lucidity. “I want my artwork to stimulate a sense of wonder. Wonder elicits both surprise and curiosity, setting the stage for learning. Natural phenomena and data fuel my artistic practice. Careful studies of our complex world often yield rich data sets filled with possibility. Hidden within the data are patterns, forms and meaning ripe for extraction, analysis and interpretation. I develop systems to capture data and interpret it,” he notes.

Mark Nystrom - drawing Mark Nystrom - music of wind Mark Nystrom - sea of music Mark Nystrom - wind mansfield Mark Nystrom - wind swirl

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