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Kirsty Mitchell - a yellow boat

Kirsty Mitchell is a photographer and costume designer born in 1976 in England. She has taken courses in the history of art, photography, fine art and in “Costume for Performance” at the London College of Fashion. Later, she completed a first class degree in fashion design at Ravensbourne College of Art. Since then Kirsty worked full time as a senior designer for a global fashion brand, until the time when she fell in love with the faces of strangers, and photography gave her a new purpose. She is strongly inspired by the stories read by her mother when she was a child. In these images everything is made or designed by her. Vital parts of Kirsty’s beautiful imagery are costumes, props, sets and accessories.

Kirsty Mitchell - blue flowers Kirsty Mitchell - dust Kirsty Mitchell - lady of the lake Kirsty Mitchell - leafgirl Kirsty Mitchell - winged woman

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