Lola Dupré – Surreal Collages

Lola Dupre - animals

Lola Dupré is an amazing collage artist and illustrator based  out of Glasgow. She creates peculiar collages that are at once innovative and reflectie, combining elemens of what we already know and what we can learn. Distorting imagery from iconic historical and contemporary painters, as well as images of her friends and people around her, she manipulates and deforms familiar canvases to create new, twisted artworks that invoke both memories and new perspectives  One cannot but simply admire her remarkable technique and the meticulous working process that lies behind the dazzling optical illusions that she creates. Dupré works are handmade with  paper, scissors and glue on wood panel. The final result is equally, or even more, dynamic and complex.

Lola Dupre - black Lola Dupre - cat Lola Dupre - collage art Lola Dupre - exploding eye Lola Dupre - exploding Lola Dupre - eyes in mouth Lola Dupre - giraffe Lola Dupre - magazine Lola Dupre - mixed media Lola Dupre - Mona Lisa

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