Moses Hacmon – Faces of Water

Moses Hacmon - art

Israeli artist and photographer Moses Hacmon spent several years studying water and developing a photographic technique that captures the hidden life of this element, allowing him to produce breath-taking shots of water in movement. Faces of water exposes the movement that has never been captured before; the flow of water pictures a moment in clear three-dimensional space through a reaction of light and endless transformations. He couldn’t use the camera or device that captures light. Visible light passes through water as if it wasn’t there, or reflects on a surface of it like a mirror. Moses developed a technique that captures the movement itself within the water. By using a liquid film made out of other particles, he can work with the water and its liquid state and then apply it on any surface. The entire process is analogue so the details in each image are infinite. In these images you can see familiar forms and understand their origin. Through this project, Hacmon hopes to deepen the audience’s connection to water – the source of life – both spiritually and physically, and believes that the visual information present in his series is capable of advancing our understanding of the environment.

Moses Hacmon - blue Moses Hacmon - detail Moses Hacmon - face of water Moses Hacmon - photography Moses Hacmon - water portrait Moses Hacmon - water portraits blue Moses Hacmon - water portraits

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