Mana Morimoto – Art of Embroidery Threads

Mana Morimoto - art

Tokyo-based textile artist Mana Morimoto creates these amazing compositions by carefully arranging embroidery threads on pictures. She went to college in Oregon and returned to Japan two years ago, settling in Tokyo, where she is currently learning to weave on a loom. Mana’s artistic work has a simple origin; she started working with threads because she wasn’t happy with her life, feeling like she needed to start creating something with her hands. She found stitching and weaving therapeutic. It began with an old tin box full of beads and embroidery threads collected when she was a child. Later she embellished a friend’s painting with her needle works, embroidered different photos, concert tickets, album covers, magazine pages, etc. The pieces are always as playful as her wickedly humorous mind. The artist simply loves to make thread beams coming out of people’s eyes. She uses both digital and analog tools in her work. First of all, she prints photos out and then sets to work punching holes, before adding her embroidering threads. She then scans them back onto a digital format. Morimoto always uses black and white images as the color compositions become more vivid and three dimensional.

Mana Morimoto - crafting Mana Morimoto - fiber arpha Mana Morimoto - fiber art Mana Morimoto - japanese vintage Mana Morimoto - japanese Mana Morimoto - presidents Mana Morimoto - reading eyes Mana Morimoto - stitch art


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