Maria Coma Giner – Red Sand

Maria Coma - air

Maria Coma Giner is a young photographer based out of Barcelona, Spain. At an early age she realized that taking photographs was the best way to express herself, so she studied Photography and Fine Arts. Maria’s latest project, titled Red Sand, expresses different aspects of her life. She found her inspiration in books and her daily routine. The artist tries to express the basic concepts of the smallest details of everyday life with ephemeral photographs and every little thing they hide. Maria pays attention to colors and forms, using the natural light. She works with both digital and analog cameras. “In my photographic series I’m looking for sensations, colors, and remains,” she says.

Maria Coma - back Maria Coma - portrait Maria Coma - red hands Maria Coma - red sand Maria Coma - sand Maria Coma - sea


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