Martin Vlach – Mystery and Isolation

Martin Vlach - art

Martin Vlach is a young photographer from the Czech Republic. He digitally merges his own photography with elements of nature to create surreal and atmospheric scenes that carry a unique feeling of mystery and isolation. Natural elements are usually taken from the sea world. The sky is sometimes transformed into a distant ocean where whales are floating and the rest of the world is disappeared. Solitary figures stand in hazy, monochromatic landscapes, looking at dreamlike scenes. In this series of photos Martin uses minimal visual elements to create captivating moods. He uses heavy fog to wipe out all of the surrounding details, leaving his subjects with only a blank backdrop of grey. But that’s not all. While there is a sense of melancholy, they are not sad and while the figures are alone, they are not lonely.

Martin Vlach - fall Martin Vlach - foggy photo Martin Vlach - foggy Martin Vlach - lonely tree Martin Vlach - road Martin Vlach - sea Martin Vlach - surreal photography Martin Vlach - surreal Martin Vlach - trees

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