Nicholas Alan Cope and Dustin Edward Arnold – Aether

Cope and Arnold - Aesther

Photographer Nicholas Alan Cope and creative director Dustin Edward Arnold have come to be known as an innovative duo within the visual arts world. Both with wide-ranging backgrounds in photography and design, they originally met through a commercial project in 2007 and began their first collaboration in 2009 when they formed the artistic partnership known as Cope and Arnold. Aether project (2010) is a mixture of painting, chemistry and photography that challenge the perception and interpretation of the abstract. People usually interpret an object, a space or life itself by examining just the surface, therefore missing a whole layer of information buried underneath. Playing with the molecular composition of objects, chemicals and liquids, Cope and Arnold attempt to reveal the subjects’ true nature from which they were created and reinterpret the way we see things, and by extension, life in general. A series of close-ups of a variety of undefined objects melt into formless entities. ”Modern science postulates that movement is life. That all things vibrate at varying frequencies and at varying rates, with incidents transferring their pulses outward through space. The intent of Aether was to map the topographies of this trembling”.

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