Mihai Criste – Sacred and Profane

Mihai Criste - a body

Mihai Criste is an amazing artist born in Deva, Romania. His paintings are abstract, surreal, mysterious and stunningly weird. Inspired by famous surrealists like Magritte and Dali, Mihai soon found that he would need to move beyond their influences in order to find his own unique style. Obviously, Criste’s artwork is distinctive and absolutely captivating. His work is mainly influenced by his studies of graphic art in the Art academy. “My senses work with my technical knowledge, which allows me to transcend my training into surrealistic creations,” he says. When dealing with his favorite subjects – existence, nature, and time – he often mixes the transcendental and the metaphysical as a contact point to reveal what he sees as sacred and profane.

Mihai Criste - butterfly eye Mihai Criste - eye and snake Mihai Criste - leaf Mihai Criste - nature's captivity Mihai Criste - remembering the flight Mihai Criste - smoke


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