Alban Grosdidier – Drowning

Alban Grosdidier - a picture

There is a semantic game behind exhibiting these photos near the Seine River, which runs through the heart of Paris. The city became the game field of a young freelance photographer and graphic designer Alban Grosdidier. He created the “Drowning” project that talks about the feeling of submersion one can have while living in a big city. Alban has always been interested in social life. He wanted people to stop in front of the imagery and ask themselves if they had ever felt “drowned” in their own city.

Alban Grosdidier - breath Alban Grosdidier - drowning girl Alban Grosdidier - drowning Alban Grosdidier - freckles Alban Grosdidier - installation Alban Grosdidier - portrait Alban Grosdidier - street art Alban Grosdidier - two

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