The Design Digest Collective – Stainless Style

Design-Digest - art

Design Digest is a collective of artists and designers directed by Luana Marmo and Biagio Michieletti with the participation of designers Sara Simone and Irene Pecchenino who designed this new collection. It is both an artistic project and a multidisciplinary collective of young professionals based in Torino, Italy. Creating objects with a strong aesthetic and cultural value, they aim to produce high quality interactions between design, art, and architecture.  The first part of the collection, titled ”Architecture,” uses carefully selected architectural details and delicate lines from architectural drawings to create grids and other shapes that remind of buildings and structural elements. The second part, titled ”Thin Think,” pushes the possibilities of stainless steel to its limits by featuring extra thin, modular jewelery that combines the material’s cutting-edge, aggressive look with gentle, flowing lines and light forms. The collection interprets style and modernity with the charm of the beauty that surrounds us.

Design-Digest - bracelet Design-Digest - necklace grid Design-Digest - ring Design-Digest - royal necklace Design-Digest - royal Design-Digest - trilogy Design-Digest - way

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