Patrick Kramer – Barely Detectable Brushwork

Patrick Kramer - a song of spheres

Patrick Kramer is a very skilful painter born in Kaysville, Utah. He paints a variety of subjects, from still life to urban scenes and landscapes. At the beginning of his career he created detailed drawings as a way of objectively improving his works. He focused on the technical side of the artistic process, because he felt that the only area in which he could improve was in the level of realism. Becoming more and more detailed, his work began to rival that of the photograph. He can spend six or seven months working daily on just one painting. These artworks are painted with barely detectable brushwork. “Although the image itself may come to resemble an ordinary photograph, a psychological intensity can be felt in the handmade work, as the artist’s laboriously slow method of intense concentration and myriad artistic decisions lie behind the creation of the image,” Kramer says.

Patrick Kramer - child portrait oil Patrick Kramer - glass Patrick Kramer - in bloom Patrick Kramer - letters Patrick Kramer - split light Patrick Kramer - synthesis Patrick Kramer - urban life

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