Paul Bertner’s Arresting Photography

Paul Bertner - a Planthopper nymph

Paul Bertner is a photographer, traveller and adventurer from British Columbia, Canada. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with honours from the Cell Biology and Genetics program. Being surrounded by nature has led him to expand his interests into rainforest ecology, tropical systematics and zoology. He finds macrophotography  immensely satisfying and helpful for capturing the beauty of his surroundings. Paul does not use tripod and other bracing techniques while shooting. “You do not always get the exact framing that you want and you need to take a lot of pictures to get one that you like,” he says. Paul puts lots of effort in getting interesting compositions by which his “style” is generally known.

Paul Bertner - Banded calico Snake Paul Bertner - chameleon Furcifer pardalis Paul Bertner - Cithaerias Paul Bertner - Furry longhorn beetle Paul Bertner - Gonatodes humeralis Paul Bertner - grasshopper Paul Bertner - Green vine snake (Oxybelis brevirostris) Paul Bertner - Katydid nymph Paul Bertner - Leafhopper nymph Paul Bertner - Mycastor nealces Paul Bertner - Phromnia rosea Paul Bertner - polk-a-dot frog Paul Bertner - Pterochroza ocellata Paul Bertner - red harlequin butterfly Paul Bertner - Rethus periander Paul Bertner - treefrog, Hypsiboas punctatus

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