Randy P. Martin – We Are Tiny

Randy P. Martin - art

American photographer Randy P. Martin describes his work as “travel documentation.” His latest series, titled We Are Tiny, proves how small and petty we human are compared to mother earth. Talking about life, joy and emotion, nature reveals more breath-taking beauty than we probably ever could. Randy loves to capture his travels. His archives are the biggest motivation for him to continue picking up a camera. One of his favorite things is opening up an album from years past and remembering the people, the adventures, and the best times of his life. All pictures are taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 or a Yashica T5.

Randy P. Martin - beach Randy P. Martin - icy Randy P. Martin - jump Randy P. Martin - photography Randy P. Martin - silhouette Randy P. Martin - tiny people Randy P. Martin - waterfall


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