Rosanne Olson – Form and Shape

Rosanne Olson Photography 1

Rosanne Olson was born and raised in Minot, North Dakota. Painting was her first love but photography was her truest. After college, Rosanne attended graduate school at the University of Oregon and worked for a number of years as a photojournalist for the Eugene Register-Guard. She moved to Seattle, and it was there that she mastered both her art and her craft as she realized that her passion for fine art photography would play an integral role in her approach to commercial photography. One of the things she loves best about photography is portraiture. Her goal is to create portraits that are deep and true. She explores how women relate to their bodies – in all their freckled, scarred, pudgy and wrinkled glory. It is always sensual and unbearably sincere. “I never tried to make anyone look different. It was about making them see how beautiful they already are,” says Rosanne Olson. These bodies in water are looking  just perfect but there is something that Rosanne wants to reveal. It is not always about  our shape; Rosanne tries to expose women’s inner beauty in all kinds of form and shape.

Rosanne Olson Photography 2

Rosanne Olson Photography 3

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