Sarah Jarrett – Art of iPhone and iPad

Sarah Jarrett - a red lipstick

Sarah Jarrett is a freelance artist born in Norwich, England. She completed her degree and postgraduate studies at Harrow School of Art and Brighton University specialising in Photography. In 1998 she began to develop a unique way of working with photography – she painted onto her own large colour photographic prints with oils and sewed onto the surface with a sewing machine. Sarah got fascinated by the creative potential of “iphoneography.” Now she creates dreamy and painterly imagery using digital media like iPhone and iPad. The artist is strongly inspired by the endless creative potential of the portrait and the poetry of landscape. These images illustrate dreamlike, ethereal, and sometimes confusing beauty of human mind.

Sarah Jarrett - daisy Sarah Jarrett - decadence Sarah Jarrett - flora Sarah Jarrett - flower crown Sarah Jarrett - leaves Sarah Jarrett - nymph Sarah Jarrett - pierced nose Sarah Jarrett - portrait

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