Angex Lin – Landscape

Angex Lin - forest

Angex Lin is a self-taught photographer born in 1981 in Taipei, Taiwan. He received his Ph. D. and B. S. in biochemistry from National Taiwan University. At the age of 25 Angex bought his first camera and became deeply fascinated by the traditional film photography and pursued it recklessly. Over the past few years Lin has travelled around Taiwan to look for abandoned places and rare landscapes. Photos were taken at beautiful and enigmatic places Рinto the deep forest, desert, and abandoned beach Рwhere tiny people coexist in the eerie world. He uses natural light to deepen the fragile sense of his creative pursuit. The creative freedom enriches the imagery with ethereal realm, simplicity, and grace.

Angex Lin - evening Angex Lin - lake Angex Lin - ocean Angex Lin - river Angex Lin - sea Angex Lin - small Angex Lin - trees Angex Lin - water

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