Ville Andersson – Human Condition

Ville Andersson - illustration dreyer

Ville Andersson is a visual artist residing in Helsinki, Finland. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Ville creates stunning photographs, texts, paintings and drawings with the aim of stirring the darker corners of our psyche as a way for us to discover more about ourselves. He works mainly in ink and pencil, giving the works Gothic atmosphere and macabre overtones. Despite their dark appearance, his images are a tender and dignified take on human life: “For me, the only thing worth studying is the human condition,” he explains. ”It is meaningful only through the creation of awareness, understanding, character, identity: in short, all that involves being human. I prefer to turn to making these images, making use of my own internal feelings rather than clumsily attempting to portray some outside reality.” “Between Light & Darkness” series of photos is one of his incredible works. Andersson’s images penetrate our deeper fears and biases about beauty and happiness, with the firm belief that above the toil and trouble of human life “a great peace reigns.” In these photographs, he wanted to portray visions and images hidden behind the visible world. Images that emerge from somewhere beyond consciousness and connect with our material reality. A mundane, visible reality is allowed to blend with ideas and emotions, with the transcendental and the internal. These in turn require the consent of the viewer to be exposed to influences and an active process of allowing the mind to flow freely.

Ville Andersson - illustration ink Ville Andersson - illustration state of mind Ville Andersson - illustration visconti Ville Andersson - illustration Ville Andersson - photo light in Ville Andersson - photo passage Ville Andersson - photo stage Ville Andersson - photography

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