Elise Noël Sydora – Recollection

Elise Noël Sydora - a black collage

Elise Noël Sydora is a recent BFA graduate with an emphasis in Drawing and Visual Arts from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She creates incredible collages and beautiful installations. Most of her works are influenced by memory, most specifically the unreliability of memory throughout a lifetime. Elise is interested in the effects of time on our visual perception of specific experiences and the emotions we feel as we recollect memories. Her collages and compositions consist of surreal, organic forms, and rare color palettes. There is no beginning and no end in these collages. They are chaotic, enriched with curvaceous ink lines and dots with textured materials or fluid paint marks.

Elise Noël Sydora - abstract Elise Noël Sydora - blue collage detail Elise Noël Sydora - collage Elise Noël Sydora - detail Elise Noël Sydora - installation art Elise Noël Sydora - installation Elise Noël Sydora - white background


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