Kasia Bielska – Attractive Blur and Imperfections

Kasia Bielska - a beauty shot

Kasia Bielska is a Polish photographer currently residing in New York. She studied at the film school in Lodz and soon discovered that photography was her first and foremost passion. Kasia loves to create beautiful and sometimes unreal stories about women. She is strongly inspired by ordinary things around her, paying a strong attention to lights, colors and space. Her photographs are dynamic, vivid and rousing. Sometimes she adds a little blur which makes images even more attractive and mysterious.

Kasia Bielska - black and white Kasia Bielska - Cleo portrait Kasia Bielska - editorial Kasia Bielska - fashion photography Kasia Bielska - Mariusz pale Kasia Bielska - Mariusz Kasia Bielska - milk Kasia Bielska - Nykhor Paul Kasia Bielska - Nykhor


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