Ashkan Honarvar – Aesthetic Faultiness

Ashkan Honarvar - a doze collage

A Dutch collage artist Ashkan Honarvar explores intriguing and macabre nature of human mind. He flawlessly depicts the beauty that comes in all shapes and sizes. Imperfection plays a big role in his work. He is always looking to find aesthetics in places where we least expect to be. The artist’s love for imperfection is usually linked to images of human body which he finds in medical books. Ashkan also tries to find answers on why people behave the way they do under extreme circumstances. The result is just startling and inspiring as it shows an undeniable and inevitable beauty hidden in the darker sides of our selves.

Ashkan Honarvar - blue portrait collage Ashkan Honarvar - cat Ashkan Honarvar - collage Ashkan Honarvar - doze Ashkan Honarvar - face Ashkan Honarvar - red hair Ashkan Honarvar -

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